Happy Clients…

We are riding the high…

“Thank YOU! As for our team, I KNOW they enjoyed it. We are riding the high of the, “your awesome” yoga activity! It’s perfect in the workplace, and creates a “trend” that people can remember and relate to. It’s been really positive for our group and particularly bonding. Note that the rest of the day, we spent doing “carnival” activities… some of which were quite silly… and would not have been even HALF as successful had we not done your Laughter Yoga class prior. Everyone had already put their egos on the back burner – so they were loose and ready to have fun and be silly. Really and truly, I love your yoga sessions, and it creates such a positive/safe atmosphere and buzz for any group.”

– Vanessa Sheilds – Banque de développement du Canada

A ray of sunlight and good humor!

“Liliana was my teacher when I became a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader!!! She is amazing, a ray of sunlight and good humor! I highly recommend her workshops!”

– Guy Giard – Laughter Yoga Leader Graduate

You got the crowd laughing…

“Thank you so much for coming out to make people laugh. You got the crowd laughing and loosened up! You were definitely a key factor in setting the awesome tone for the rest of the event!”

– Grace Yang – TEDxMontrealWomen

Your presence even on screen is captivating!!!

“I would like to take the moment to thank you from all of us here at the VIC for such a great zoom training! The three hours went by so quickly. You are so engaging and amazing to listen to. Your presence even on screen is captivating!!! You are so wonderful at what you do. Thank you!!!”

– Tanya Kusiewicz – Executive Director 
CPE Charles W. McDougall of the Royal Victoria Hospital 

Opening our eyes…

“Thank you so much Liliana for opening our eyes and bringing some joy to all of us. I will definitely try to use the tools I learned here in my life and workplace.”

– Sticky Media ~ Workshop: Imprint & Impress

You gave us the energy and confidence

“You gave us the energy and confidence to be able to want to change and make a difference and make things happen.

– Sticky Media

Such great teaching and joy…

“I want to thank you for such great teaching and joy I had through the course of ‘laughter yoga’….you are simply an amazing human being… Love you…”

– Mirjana Rogic – Laughter Yoga Leader Graduate

Very helpful!

“Liliana, this workshop was very helpful! It was great getting to work in different groups and getting to know our co-workers a little more.”

– Sticky Media ~ Workshop: Imprint & Impress

I can’t wait to tell my friends…

“There are no words to express how I really feel. You are such an inspiration to us, an amazing motivational speaker, and a fantastic laughing yoga instructor. You make a difference in our world. I can’t wait to tell my friends, family, and colleagues about laughing yoga and about you.”

– Aggie Papadimas – Director CPE Mont-Royal

Wow did you ever make us laugh!

“Thank you so much for joining us today! We loved loved loved having you with us. Wow did you ever make us laugh! Success!”

– Canadian Women in Medicine

So inspiring, motivating and enlightening…

“Thank you so much for a wonderful day on Saturday. It was so much fun, I learnt so much, and am beyond delighted to be certified as a Laughter Yoga Leader. The whole day was so inspiring, motivating and enlightening. Aside from the laughter, and integrating LY into what I have been practicing for years, I was most impressed by your business acumen, from all of your marketing materials to how you have become a very savvy business woman. I was not the only one who learn a lot about that aspect and how it can be applied to the laughter world. My father, who was too modest to tell you that he is a very busy executive himself at the age of 83, was highly impressed by several things – the quality of the presenters, and the way you conducted yourself and the class. I will forever remember the way he jumped out of his chair to participate. He explained to me today that he came specifically to watch me lead, and not to participate in the class as I had anticipated. He was taken by the genuine commitment of all the people around. Perhaps he expected to find a bunch of ‘kooks!’, but the high level of devotion to laughter and what it represents, and to doing what we can to spread the movement, became very evident to him.”

– Wendy Singer – Laughter Yoga Leader Graduate

The passion you bring with you…

“Thank YOU for your guidance, support and expertise. You are a great coach. What makes you great is the passion you bring with you; your vision of life… so positive and full of gratitude.”

– Joisie Gemma – Executive Director – CPE Foret Enchantee

Great teaching and positive energy…

“Liliana, I had a great time learning and participating in the sessions. I would also like to thank you for your great teaching and positive energy. It was a pleasure to take the course with you and thank you for letting us know that you are there should we need any support in the future.”

– Sharan – Laughter Yoga Leader Graduate

Spreading the joy of laughter…

“I am also one of her students, learning new exercises every day, she is a wonderful inspiration, and has provided me with the proper tools to continue spreading the joy of laughter. Thank you Liliana.”

– Linda Lillian Chantelois – Laughter Yoga Leader Graduate

Contiguous and fun…

“Liliana just radiates with joy of laughter as she teaches making it both contiguous and fun!! This 2 day Laughter Yoga Leader certification does improve your life and how you look at it!! I’m glad I did it!!”

– Betty Ann Mahood – Laughter Yoga Leader Graduate

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