Liliana DeLeo - TEDxMontrealWomen - Laughter Yoga Master Trainer - Living Laughter Academy
Laugh with Liliana DeLeo, Laughter Yoga Master Trainer - Living Laughter Academy

When was the last time you had a laugh attack??

You know when you’re laughing so hard there’s no more sound coming out of your mouth, you can’t seem to catch your breath, it feels like time stops… and you’re floating mid-air on a cloud of joy?

It’s a moment of complete euphoria. And it’s contagious…

Welcome to Laughter Yoga, where we make laugh-attacks happen!

Laugh for health, laugh for healing, laugh for no reason at all!

What if...

In our own world, we experienced the joy of belly laughs every day?

We could bring that joy to others?

One by one we could spread laughter to make this world a happier, healthier, more loving place?

Liliana DeLeo, Laughter Yoga Master Trainer - Laugh More! - Living Laughter Academy
Laugh Yoga with Liliana DeLeo, Laughter Yoga Master Trainer - Living Laughter Academy

The power of laughter to improve our physical and psychological well-being has been well documented. Laughter can strengthen our health and speed up healing; regular laughter reduces stress, boosts our mood, and gives us a more positive outlook when faced with challenges.

The benefits of laughter – for mind, body and soul – are numerous.

As a result, Laughter Yoga is spreading around the globe! It’s practiced in hospitals, schools, the workplace, community centers and senior residences.

The beautiful thing about Laughter Yoga? It’s not reliant on a good joke! Laughter lives inside us all, and Laughter Yoga is like streaming laughter on demand.

There’s no limitations! All you need to experience the magic of Laughter Yoga is an open mind and open heart.

Welcome to the amazing world of Laughter Yoga!

Laughter Yoga | Liliana DeLeo | TEDxMontrealWomen

Laugh More with Liliana DeLeo, Laughter Yoga Master Trainer - Living Laughter Academy
For over a decade Liliana has been sharing the message of Laughter Yoga, training individuals as well as audiences of thousands on how to use Laughter Yoga to improve their well-being!

You, too can have the immense joy of bringing laughter to your community!

Keynotes, Workshops & Team-Building Events

Liliana DeLeo - Laughter Yoga Master Trainer - Living Laughter Academy

Teams that laugh together, grow together!

Activate your audience by bringing Liliana to your company, organization or your stage!

For your team-building events, workshops, and keynotes, Liliana is a dynamic speaker with a unique ability to motivate, inspire & energize – turning “motion into emotion” for lasting results!


  • Easy-to-implement tools for a healthier, happier, more productive organization
  • Less stress & fewer sick days
  • More creativity and innovation
  • More energy and efficiency when performing tasks
  • A more positive outlook and more solutions-based thinking
  • Closer, more cooperative and collaborative teams

Hire Lili

Laughter Yoga Certification - from Master Trainer Liliana DeLeo - Living Laughter Academy

Living Laughter Academy - Laughter Yoga - Liliana DeLeo

Want to bring more laughter to the world?

Become a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader!

Whether for yourself, your community or your business, Laughter Yoga certification opens a world of wonderful possibilities!

Aside from being the most FUN personal & professional development course you’ll ever attend, Laughter Yoga Certification with the Living Laughter Academy gives YOU the ability and the tools to host your own workshops, retreats or work one-on-one.

Find out more about Laughter Yoga and the Living Laughter Academy by following the link below:

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