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Laughter Murder Mystery

Want to play, act and laugh?? This Laughter Murder Mystery game is ideal for a group of 12-15 people.  It’s a combination of “The Amazing Race” meets “Murder Mystery” meets “Laughter”.  The participants are greeted by the bearer of bad news, Lady Lã Lã.  They are told that Grandma has disappeared, and possibly could have been murdered!!  The participants will be handed their first clue, which then guides them find  3 more clues.  Each clue indicates a potential guilty party, motive and murder weapon.  After participants have found all clues, each group will prepare to present their case to a panel of judges.  After the presentations, the judges will deliberate and then hand-down their verdict.  Prizes are awarded to all the participants and a special award for the group who wins their case.   We then find out what really happened to Grandma.  Laughter is guaranteed to ensue!!

Call Liliana De Leo at 514-575-2033 to book this event for your next company retreat.

Meet the cast:

The Judges

The Judges

The Bearer of Bad News - Lady Gã Gã

The Bearer of Bad News – Lady Lã Lã


Grandma (Nonna). She’s loud and she’s Italian!!