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Laughter in Montreal

Living Laughter Conference – Thoughts, Words, ACTION!!

SAVE THE DATE!!! Montreal’s 2nd Annual Living Laughter Conference is taking place on Sunday January 14th, 2018 at 1444 Union Avenue. Montreal. Quebec. H3A2B8. The amazing topics and speakers are;

LOVE’s Healing Journey by Guy Giard
Have you ever felt powerless facing unexpected life events? Maybe you lost your job, received a bad health diagnostic or your love relationship turned sour. In this personal and engaging presentation, you will gain the power to change! Guy Giard has faced many challenges and has successfully overcome them. Let Guy show you the many ways that you can regain control of your life and create a life of peace! It might not feel like it right now, but you will discover that the world is yours!

Living Through Kindness and Empathy by Kathleen Murray
What would happen if you chose to react to every situation with kindness and empathy? How different might you feel? How might it impact those around you, be it at home or your workplace? Kathleen Murray’s vision is simple: Bring more kindness into the world, one empathetic conversation and interaction at a time. As she shares defining moments of her life’s journey with you, she will ask you to reflect on how much of your happiness do you believe is determined by what happens to you, or how you react to it? Based on her extensive experience working with children as an educator and her twelve years and counting as a parent, Kathleen Murray offers strategies on how to guide challenging situations towards positive and proactive outcomes. There is always a solution to any perceived problem, and empathy and kindness are the most beautiful and constructive tools to finding said solution.

Why Do We Laugh by Maia Aziz
Because the benefits of humor are no joking matter- This entertaining presentation combines cold hard science with a punch of comedic heart and includes research data on the physiological, cognitive and social benefits of laughter as well as strategies for using humor to minimize stress, build relationships and cope with adversity. Laughter might not cure what ails you but it sure goes a long way toward getting you through those tough life moments.

15 minute Group Hypnosis Session with Jason Conyers
Hypnosis is a state of human consciousness involving focused attention and reduced peripheral awareness and an enhanced capacity for response to suggestion.

LOL—Lobes on Laughter:
The physiological and potential therapeutic benefits of laugher on the brain and mental health by Dr. Alanna Grant
Have you ever noticed that some of your biggest, boisterous, and most belly-aching bouts of laugher occur during times of great stress? Did you notice a change in how you felt afterward and wondered why? In her presentation, Dr. Grant will explain what is actually happening to your brain when you laugh and how participating in “healthy laughter” regularly may change the way your brain functions. She will delve into what constitutes “healthy laughter,” and when laughter could actually be a sign of organic brain disease. Drawing upon the latest scientific empirical evidence, she will lead the participants in an engaging and interactive discussion on the potential therapeutic benefit laughter has not just on physical health, but also on mental well-being.

Actorcize! By Albert Nerenberg
We know we are what we eat. But are we what we act? Yes says Laughologist Albert Nerenberg. Actorcize is a new technique which utilizes acting modalities to maximize the potential of positive and empowering behaviors. Cheering, Laughing, Singing, Greeting, Ecstasy explored with an emphasis on Mutuality and Connection.

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When there’s humor and laughter, Liliana is called in!! Listen to her presentation about all good things, Montreal-Style!!