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What you’ll find visiting this website!!

If you want to learn how to save a life, visit the “CPR Certification” tab to see the list of classes available in Montreal.  If you want to become a CPR Instructor, click on the “CPR Instructor Training” tab (found just below the CPR Certification tab).  If you want to learn more about how to cultivate happiness, click on the “Laughter Yoga” tab.  For corporate events, click on the “Workshops” tab.

Who is Liliana De Leo?  I am a teacher, motivator and game-changer!!  I teach students (teacher) how they can take charge of their lives (motivator) so they can help others (game-changer). I  have a strong background in the fitness and health field, helping people from all walks live healthy and happy.

I have 2 specialties; I am a certified Master Instructor with the Heart & Stroke Foundation, and a certified Laughter Yoga Teacher with Dr. Kataria’s International School of Laughter Yoga.  I started my career working full-time as Fitness Program Director for the YMCA, left the position in 2007, and have been running my company since.  I’m often in front of small and large crowds talking about what it takes to be healthy and happy.

I had the honor to be on Maia Aziz’s Radio Show to talk about The 3 Chronic C’s (Complaining, Criticizing and Comparing) that can hinder your quest to health and happiness.  Full discussion – have a listen here.

A fantastic conference coming very soon!!!  Montreal’s Premier Event!!